Support and help with loneliness and Isolation during Covid-19

Lonelines during COVID-19 help and support 
Loneliness & Isolation During COVID-19 

Loneliness and Isolation during Coronavirus - Help, support, advice and encouragement  
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Help and support for feelings of isolation and loneliness London N1

North London Stress Management Centre.
Tel: 020 8444 4871

Before this damn virus set in, combatting loneliness seemed a lot more straight-forward than it is now and advice was plentiful. It was often suggested that sufferers endeavour to become, as best as they could, more sociable: joining Meetup groups, taking evening classes, undertaking charitable work, getting involved in local issues, exercising regularly, discovering new hobbies and interests, practising yoga and meditation, getting back in touch with old school friends or previous work colleagues and generally staying positive.

C-19 has not necessarily negated this advice. Meetup groups, for example, have comfortably made the transition to online events without diluting their effectiveness and seem as popular as ever. Yet the world has changed and may never return to how it once was. If we learn to accept this and look at ways to defeat the loneliness and isolation that has become part of our new lives, we can start taking advantage of this change and even thrive as a result. 

Become your own best friend. 

This is the first thing you must do as the success of anything else depends on the perception you have of yourself. Other peoples’ opinions of you are a reflection of your state of mind. If you do not love yourself, don’t be surprised if nobody else loves you. If you wallow in self-pity, it will be easy for others to pity you also. If you dislike yourself and think you can do nothing positive with your life, it stands to reason that others will agree with you. And if you believe there is no future, nobody is sincerely going to argue with you. Become your best friend. When you do so, you will never be alone.

Even if you are confined to a small space and are too vulnerable to venture outdoors, or you have an underlying health condition that makes social interaction challenging, if not dangerous, the thing to do is to accept the situation, start taking control of your life and know you are not alone. We are not making an empty, meaningless statement here. There are millions of people sharing the same worries as you, thinking the same thoughts, going through the same emotions. Believe that no matter how much you are currently suffering, what you are experiencing is a sequence of negative events locked in a particular moment in time. This time will eventually pass. Devote a few minutes each day (prefably at the same time) to take control and RAGE against what is happening to you. Feel the injustice. Hate the loneliness. Sense the isolation. Invite the negative feelings into your thought process. Don't analyse them, simply experience the unpleasantness they bring. 

Then stop. Focus on your breathing. Release the thoughts from your mind (we will be pleased to explain how to do so during your initial consultation) and let go. Know you are safe. Nothing can harm you. Any harmful thoughts and feelings that may drift into your conciousness, tell them not to bother you. They can get lost. You don't have time for them now, you have more important things to think about. You'll see them at the same time the following evening. And when that time comes, the following evening, you will let them (out of the goodness of your heart!) have their say once again for a few minutes before you release them once more. Repeat this every day, if you can. It will give you control over your life as it is you who will decide when you will or will not experience this negativity. It's your choice, it's down to you. You have now made it your choice. In doing so, you are making small yet significant steps towards total freedom of thought and movement. 

Make sure you are ready for change and embrace it when it comes.Treat this as a new beginning where you will become stronger, wiser, more astute, more learned and more enlightened as a result. 

At NLSMC, we offer a full support service based on understanding, intuition and insight, supplemented with specific practices drawn from a wide range of psychotherapeutic disciplines including psycho-cybernetics, neuro-linguistic programming, gestalt psychology, emotional freedom techniques (EFT) cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) mindfulness and, where appropriate, hypnotherapy. 

You need never feel alone. Let us work with you to change old perceptions, explore new horizons and work past loneliness and isolation to embrace the exciting possibilities that change can bring to your life. 

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