psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counselling for depression and anxiety

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hypnosis and therapy for depression


We know only too well the impact of depression and the damaging effect it can have on our lives. It is important, however, to differentiate between common changes in mood and actual depression (we do not use the term “clinical” as this implies a chemical imbalance which we do not accept as the principal reason people suffer from this often mis-understood condition) We all feel sadness on occasions, the sense that our lives have fallen out of balance. Many of us have stared out into the abyss and seen no hope, no real future ahead of us. But these feelings tend to pass quite quickly. When they don’t, or when they occur on a more frequent and severe basis, then it is important you seek help. We will show you how this condition, no matter how much you may currently be suffering, is reversable. The changes you seek can and will happen.Click HERE for details

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Please click on the individual images on this page for detailed information on the principal conditions we treat. Also see below an A-Z list of other conditions we can help you overcome

therapy and help for workplace stress london n10

Work-related Stress

Work-related stress, even before the Covid-19 pandemic, was highly prevalent in the lives of millions of people working in every industry, at every level of engagement. As a result of the pandemic, many people now, and for the foreseeable future, are working from home. This new scenario often leads to more, not less stress as micro-management takes a hold and we become more obliged to justify and account for our whereabouts and actions. Work pressure can sometimes be beneficial, as we explain, but stress is an illness that easily spirals out of control if not addressed. We have 20 years’ experience helping people deal with and overcome stress in the workplace. Call us for a FREE consultation and we will explain how we can work with you to change your life for the better.
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therapy and hypnosis for anxiety london


Because they tend to become habitual, negative and frightening, anxious thoughts can be difficult to identify. If you feel that you are suffering from anxiety, you have almost certainly experienced these feelings for quite some time. There is no reason you should go through life as an "anxious person" It is not part of your genetic makeup. Anxiety is a learnt condition. Therefore, it can just as easily be un-learnt. It need not be part of your identity. Psychotherapy (and where appropriate, Hypnotherapy) opens many doors for you and is a highly recommended treatment which explores the underlying reasons behind your condition and addresses them one by one.
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help for better relationships and marriages london n10

Relationship Issues

Most relationships change over time. They can result in the most wonderful feelings we ever encounter or give us intense emotional pain. Sometimes, the two experiences go hand in hand, we live them in succession and get totally frustrated and confused as a result. If you care about a particular relationship or perhaps want to end it, you know you will receive our guidance and support. Many relationships can be brought back from the brink of despair resulting in positive change and a new lease of life. Others are beyond repair and need to be ended before the conflict escalates and reaches the point of no return. Call us for advice on how we can help you or
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therapy for for stress management london n10

Stress Management

Stress - an adverse reaction to excessive pressures or other types of demand, where these exceed the person’s ability to cope. Or perhaps we can put it more simply: stress is a response to pressure. One person’s idea of pressure may be another person’s driver. It could be argued that most of us need some pressure in order to maximise our effectiveness. Some situations could be described as distress whereas others could be thought of as eustress or “good” stress. Our own perceptions are the difference between the two. However we define stress, there is no doubt that prolonged exposure to the condition results in unhealthy physical, emotional, mental and behavioural symptoms. To understand why you are suffering, and to see how we can help you, please click HERE