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Fear of Death and Dying 

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Fear of death and dying. Help and support from NLSMC London Islington N1
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You do not have to live in fear. You’ve probably heard it said before, perhaps far too many times for your liking so forgive us for saying it once again: death is a part of life. OK, we’ve said it. But hearing this or even accepting it does not, one would think, make the thought of death any less frightening to you. 

If you have no issues with dying and view death as an inescapable outcome, something that happens to all of us at some point in time and is a perfectly natural process, you probably would not be reading this in the first place. For many people, however, the process of dying is just as disturbing as death itself. And what about those who are close to us? Let us look at this aspect of dying first, for if you have a deep concern about those you are leaving behind it is important to accept that losing you will inevitably cause them pain and suffering at first. This is expected. But then they come to terms with the loss and move on, whilst never for one moment forgetting you, or the impact you have had on their lives. 

Initially, they are shocked that you are no longer there, no matter how much they have been preparing themselves. They become angry at the injustice. Why did it have to happen to you? Then it sinks in and they accept what has come to pass. This doesn’t stop them grieving, which is an important part of what they are experiencing, but it means they can do what you want them to do, and that is to get on with their lives. 

As you reach the end of this life, be thankful for what you have achieved no matter how small or insignificant the difference you have made has been. The principal reason why so many people fear death is the feeling they have never really lived. That the lives they have led have, ultimately, had very little meaning or purpose. There is no point regretting anything you have or have not done. In any case, it is never too late to lead life to the full as best as you can. Try new things, discover new avenues of exploration, enrich your mind, get involved in issues you never had time to contemplate, encompass different points of view and never give up.

Try to understand that the negative thoughts swirling in your mind may seem rational to some extent but, ultimately, they are just NOISE. You do not have to accept anything your mind tells you. At this stage in your life, your mind is probably working on overdrive and negativity and defeatism is the logical outcome. We at NLSMC utilise a number of psychotherapeutic disciplines and techniques to help you deal with and then release this noise. 

This is not the place to debate the prospect of life after death, where we go to after we pass on, whether God exists, whether there is a Heaven or a Hell or if we re-incarnate through the ages. Or even if we simply turn to dust and that’s the end of it. We all have our opinions, convictions even, of what happens next. What we do know is, whilst it is not possible to prove there is an afterlife, likewise its impossible to prove there isn’t one. So be open minded, like all seekers of truth, and enjoy as best as you can the time you have remaining. You can be sure of one thing: if you have caused pain and suffering wherever you have roamed you will remain in the memories of those you leave behind as they continually feel contempt and distain whenever your name is mentioned. If on the other hand you have done good in this life, if you have made a positive difference. if the world is a better place because you have been here, then you will live on graciously in the thoughts of others. The choice is entirely yours.

One final thing. We strongly advise you to be open minded where issues of health and illness are concerned. If you have been told you have a terminal condition understand that many people have also been given this news and have, against all odds, lived many years longer than what was predicted or even expected. So why should you be any different? Just because somebody says something to you does not make it true, however qualified or experienced that person may be. Because so-called miracles do happen, and they happen every day. And even when we pander to scepticism, let us ask ourselves this: if it was proven, beyond all reasonable doubt, that only one person in the whole of human history has ever reversed a so-called incurable illness, then so can you. And even if the opposite scenario was the case, and nobody had ever managed to achieve such a reversal, then why on earth can’t you be the first?  

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